1987 – Jess Kling got a Fisher Price Tape Recorder like this one:

…and instantly fell in love with recorded sound. Dinner conversations. Songs. Even bath time. [ETA: Jess was 7.]

1995 – Jess and her cousin Amanda created a memory “cemented” in sand: a ’95 spelled out with pieces of jellyfish washed up on the Jersey shore.

*No jellyfish were harmed in the original making of this photo, or in its digital copy.

2001 – As an undergrad student at Penn State University, Jess created a culminating project combining pre-recorded audio and newly composed music for violin and cello. The program notes state:

“The background music, sounds, and speech for this piece were taken mostly from pre-recorded cassette tapes organized into various stages of life. The corresponding instrumental parts were rhythmically based on the opening vocal motive for each movement…[This] piece was inspired by various works such as John Cage’s Indeterminacy…[Pauline] Oliveros’s Pieces for Guided Listening…[and] composers who use pre-recorded voice and sound creatively in their work, such as Gavin Bryars and Scott Johnson.”

2013 – After producing videos for concerts and students for about 10 years, Jess began to shoot and edit video weekly for Trinity in Mount Joy, PA. You can find their YouTube channel here, and see some of Jess’s favorites here, here, here, and here!